Device Research Laboratory at UCLA’s Electrical Engineering Department


Under the directorship of Prof. Kang L. WangRaytheon Chair Professor of Physical Science and Electronics, our group pursues frontier research in the fields of nanoelectronics and nanoarchitectures, spintronics and nanomagnetics; nanoscale science, devices and quantum systems; nonvolatile electronics and low dissipation devices; molecular beam epitaxy; optoelectronics and solar cells.

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  • 11th Jan

    Ho, J.-S., Chang, S.-C., Ho, J.-J., Hsu, W.-T., Chiang, C.-C., Tsai, S.-Y., Wang, S.-S., Lin, C.-K., Chou, C.-C., Yeh, C.-H.,[...]

  • 20th Dec
    DRL paper highlighted

    DRL paper highlighted by Nature Materials News and Views[...]

  • 01th Nov
    DRL featured in UCLA Newsroom

    DRL featured in UCLA Newsroom Science & Technology UCLA-led team opens new avenues to research on topological insulators[...]

  • 20th Jan
    UCLA Engineering Highlights DRL’s Work

    The DRL’s recently published paper “Electric-Field Control of Spin-Orbit Torque in a Magnetically Doped Topological Insulator” (Nature Nanotechnology) has been[...]

  • 11th Jan

      Wu, D., Yu, G., Chen, C.-T., Razavi, S.A., Shao, Q., Li, X., Zhao, B., Wong, K.L., He, C., Zhang,[...]

  • 16th Dec
    DRL Paper Published

    The paper titled “Origin of Interfacial Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in MgO/CoFe/ Metallic Layer Structures” with DRL member Shouzong Peng as first[...]

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