Quantum information
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Quantum information

Since the discovery of graphene, 2 D materials, as the novel group of functional materials, have drawn great attention during the past decade. Rather than being fully mature, more and more new physical phenomena are emerging and exciting the entire academia. Rather than treating 2 D materials as ordinary semiconductors, our 2-D group focus on the most unique physical properties only owned by the 2 D materials.

Our research focuses on:

  • Surface condition and its effect on electron and spin transport.
  • Vertical transport behavior in non-periodic atomic structures.
  • 2 D topologic transition and its application in quantum state manipulation.
  • Electron-phonon interaction in low dimensional systems.

Instruments we have:

  • Home-built cryogenic Raman system
  • AMI electron transport characterization system
  • Cryogenic opto-electronic characterization system