DRL | About our Developer
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About our Developer

About our Developer

Alejandro Rioja

Alejandro Rioja built the Device Research Laboratory website during his undergraduate years at UCLA as a Computer Science student. He graduated from UCLA in 2017 and now works at Inston, a company that uses technology developed by the DRL.

He has now gone to build his company Flux Ventures (recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as “One of the Most Entrepreneurial Companies in America”), which is comprised by a series of startups such as:

  1. Flux Chargers (which sells portable chargers for iPhone and Android)
  2. Flux.LA (a digital marketing agency)
  3. Future Sharks (which produces interviews to entrepreneurs)
  4. Young Slacker (a Snapchat influencer account)
  5. Major Keys (a satire website)
  6. The Insurance Nerd (a blog about insurance)
  7. 6B Labs (A startup incubator in Bolivia)

He’s also an investor at Everipedia.

When he’s not running his company, you can find him at the Wooden Center.

You can read more about Alejandro on his blog.