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DRL is recruiting! We are looking for researchers to work on several very advanced projects! A list of expertise we are looking for is below:
(1) A postdoc with expertise in magnetic interactions and dynamics and strong knowledge of physics. Knowledge in DMI interactions, multi-domain coupling, VCMA, and SOC are preferred. The ability to build and simulate physical models is a plus. Experience in fabricating magnetic structures is a plus. 
(2) A postdoc with expertise in 2D material and quantum physics. Knowledge of topological insulators is a plus. Knowledge of quantum computing and majorana fermions are a plus. Experience in fabrication is a plus. 
(3) A postdoc with expertise in complexity, dynamics, and criticality. Knowledge in theoretical physics is a plus. Knowledge in optimization and machine learning is a plus. Experience in integrating the above is preferred. 

Principal Investigator


Dr. Kang L. Wang is Distinguished Professor and the Raytheon Chair Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is affiliated with the Departments of ECE, MSE and Physics. He received his BS (1964) degree from National Cheng Kung University and his MS (1966) and PhD (1970) degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Guggenheim Fellow, Fellows of American Physical Society and IEEE. He is an Academician of Academia Sinica. His Awards include the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Magnetism Award and Néel Medal, IEEE J.J. Ebers award for electron devices, SRC Technical Excellence Award, and the Pan Wen-Yuan Award and others. He also served as the editor-in-Chief of IEEE TNANO, editor of Artech House, editor for Spin and other journals, and associate editor for Science Advances.


Current DRL Members


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