Quantum Matters, Physics & Devices
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Quantum Matters, Physics & Devices

The research in the functional quantum physics and devices group covers a wide range of novel physical phenomena, topological and mathematical concepts in both quantum and classical systems using methodologies from materials growth, device fabrication, to comprehensive characterizations. We are interested in exploring new materials that exhibit unconventional properties with potential application at room temperature, such as topological phases of quantum matter, strong spin-orbit coupled electronic materials, and magnetic systems, etc. The detection and manipulation of the relevant quantum effects towards high speed/density non-volatile memory and logic devices as well as quantum computation are significant focuses. The main topics which we are currently studying are:

  • (Magnetic) Topological insulator
  • Quantum anomalous Hall insulator
  • Antiferromagnetic spintronics
  • Topological superconductors and Majorana fermions
  • Skyrmions, vortices, and other spin textures